The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers January 23 – 27, 2023

It must snow in hell, because a whole a lot impossible things go down in’s latest spoilers for The bald and the handsome from Monday 23 January to Friday 27 January. For starters, the most “to-die-for” restaurant in LA has an unlikely new owner. Moreover, Thomas envisions himself a future that is nothing like his present. And Finn risks life and limb to remind Mommie Dearest that she is persona non grata. Read on to learn more about these teasers and more!

Bold and beautiful spoilers for the week of January 23

Bold and beautiful spoilers for Monday January 23:

Deacon is forced to hide his genuine emotion from Sheila.

Sheila panics when Brooke makes a passionate appeal to Bill.

Bold and beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, January 24:

Sheila pays a visit to Il Giardino’s new owner – Deacon.

Hope eagerly awaits reviews of her latest fashion collection.

Bold and beautiful spoilers for Wednesday January 25:

Steffy and Eric protest Hope’s proposal for Hope for the Future.

Deacon pressures Sheila for the truth about her motives regarding Dollar Bill.

Bold and beautiful spoilers for Thursday, January 26:

An unexpected advocate from Thomas approaches Hope.

Bold and beautiful spoilers for Friday January 27:

Finn puts Sheila in her place during a chance encounter at Il Giardino.

Katie decides to save Bill from herself and Sheila Carter.

Stop in the name of love and meet the real “partners” of the stars of the Law & authority shows in the criminally romantic photo gallery below.

—Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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