Tom Brady is plagued by questions about 2023

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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It’s not supposed to happen this way on your own podcast.

Buccaneers (for now) quarterback Tom Brady, appearing on his Let’s go! podcast, got into a fight with longtime friend and co-host Jim Gray, for asking a question far more innocent than the quirk Gray once asked Pete Rose.

Gray asked Brady if he will play in 2023. said Brady, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times“If I knew what the hell I was going to do, I would have fucking done it already. I watch it every day. I appreciate you asking. Thank you.”

At least he said thank you.

Brady becomes a free agent in March. Until then, the Buccaneers have exclusive bargaining rights with Brady. Which means no one else can talk to him or his agent.

But we know how it goes. There is a lot of tampering, especially at the Scouting Combine. It’s only a problem if the team doing it is too indiscreet, too loose-lipped, too brutal in pursuit of Brady. Like the dolphins were a year ago.

Possible destinations include the Raiders, 49ers, Titans, Dolphins, Jets, the Panthers if Sean Payton ends up there, and maybe even the Patriots.

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