WWE and its roster continued to pay tribute to Jay Briscoe on SmackDown

Jamin “Jay Briscoe” Pugh and his brother Mark never wrestled for WWE. But lots and lots of people who did work with The Briscoes, and – like apparently everyone who knew them – thought highly of them.

It has led to a surprising amount of recognition for the two episodes of television that WWE has released since Pugh’s tragic death early Tuesday night in Delaware. On the NXT broadcast that same night (January 17), Shawn Michaels had play-by-play announcer Vic Joseph share the sad news with the audience on USA Network…

Something Michael Cole continued on January 20 SmackDownwhile Viking Raiders Eric & Ivar wrestled with ‘Dem Boys’ bracelets.

Later in the show, Kevin rocked Owens (who wrote a beautiful tribute to his late friend which you can read hereā€¦ royal rumble contract signing with Roman Reigns.

And in a “Digital Exclusive” post-show, Hit Row’s Top Dolla included a few references to the 13-time Ring of Honor Tag champions in his interview. AJ Francis & Tehuti Miles didn’t work with Jay & Mark as far as I know, but they’re Maryland guys and Mid-Atlantic folks stick together.

“Look, I’m not a luchador, but I promise you, I’m from where Dem Boys mask up and tell you ‘Reach for the Sky.’ And that’s where I learned to get it any way I could.

These tributes could go on forever, and it still might not be enough.

RIP Jay.

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